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Preferred plan maturities

21/04/2020 … Author:

The first quarter of 2020 saw 108 structured products mature, of which 19 had been granted ‘Preferred’ status by Lowes at the time of launch.

Despite a rollercoaster quarter, the Lowes ‘Preferred’ structured products that matured fared pretty well, as can be seen from the table below. The one exception was a deposit which matured in March when the FTSE 100 was more than 21% lower than where it was when the investment commenced. Being a deposit, it was designed to return the original capital, no matter what and that is exactly what happened but without any additional interest payment / gain. Unfortunately, we now expect this to be the first of a few, to the extent that next quarter’s maturity results will not look as impressive.

The stockmarket fall at the latter part of the quarter dictated that the maturity of many auto-calls was deferred until a later year when they will potentially mature with a larger gain.

The table below shows the performance of the Lowes ‘Preferred’ structured products that were most commonly held by our clients. All but one of these were linked to the FTSE 100 Index.

1- Deposit based plan.  2- Income plan.


Past performance is not a guide to the future. Capital at risk.

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