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A 20-Year Evolution

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Investments play a crucial role in achieving financial goals - especially for retirement planning, building, and preserving existing wealth whilst also providing some degree of protection against inflation. Autocalls provide an attractive option for investors offering predefined returns on predetermined dates, under specific market conditions, while safeguarding the original capital investment from all but the most extreme scenarios. Despite their impressive track record, retail investors have often overlooked autocalls. 

To gain valuable insights into the evolution, performance, and trends relating to autocall investments, download our comprehensive guide to autocalls. This resource will help you understand how autocalls can benefit your traditional investment portfolio and make informed decisions about incorporating them into your financial strategy.


Download our Autocall Guide to gain
insight on...

  • What they are

  • How they work

  • How they could benefit you

  • Past performance over their 20 year history

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This guide aims to explain the history and features of autocalls to help demystify them. It is essential to remember that investment involves risk, and it could result in a loss of capital.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance, and if you have any doubts about a proposed course of action, you should consult a Lowes Adviser.