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No one can predict what will happen in the future, but it can be beneficial for you and your family to have measures in place that can legitimately preserve your wealth. Throughout retirement, we all strive to continue a standard of living we feel comfortable with and so ensuring that your wealth will continue to provide an income or provide security to loved ones upon death is of utmost importance.

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Our advice focuses on legitimately mitigating the impact of taxes and long term care, whether this involves taking advantage of exemptions and reliefs or structuring your affairs and investment portfolio to achieve the right balance of access to your money when you need it.

We will look to reduce any financial burdens that your beneficiaries could be at risk to by implementing effective strategies to ensure as much of your wealth is passed on to your loved ones instead of the government. Trusts can also play an important role in ensuring peace of mind by protecting your assets and providing a family legacy in order to ensure that your wealth stays with you and can be passed down throughout the generations.

If you are looking to fund long term care or considering the implications that the cost of care could have on your estate, we will act in a considerate and sensitive manner to provide advice that will help you solve the issues in the best possible way and give you peace of mind.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Trusts.

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Ensuring wealth will be protected for future generations will be an important matter for every family. Setting up a trust can play a crucial role when it comes to ensuring assets are reserved for other members of your family...

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Long Term Care Solutions

Long Term Care Solutions

Most of us will not contemplate the issue of how to pay for long term care until a relative has to go into a residential home...

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Later Life Planning

Later Life Planning

Our investment and tax planning services can help our clients leave a welcome legacy and later life planning can help ensure a client's family do not face unnecessary problems and upset at what would already be a very distressing time... 

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