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As a successful and long-standing business, at Lowes we acknowledge our social responsibilities and are keen to provide support to a wide range of charities. As such, we set aside a proportion of our annual profits to support the wider community through nationwide, and local, charity projects and events. Since the introduction of Lowes Charities Aid Foundation account in 2010, we have quietly donated more than £100,000, covering a variety of causes identified by staff and management. Due to this success, we have recently established a charity committee, run by selected members of the Lowes team who search for charities and projects with the intention of making a notable difference within local communities.

All charity donations are made to Charities Aid Foundation (Registered Charity Number 268369) and the funds are then directed to various other registered charities, primarily at the direction of the Lowes Charity Committee, which comprises of five Lowes employees who are all volunteers from a range of departments within our company. In addition to this, as part of our on-going efforts to support our local community, we encourage our employees to participate in charitable events, such as regular MacMillan Coffee mornings, food drive donations and Genes for Jeans days we hold, and Lowes runs an initiative in which every staff member can donate £50 to a charity of their choice on their birthday.

Since 2017, we have proudly supported the Sunshine Fund as their first diamond sponsor. The Sunshine fund helps children within disabilities and life-limiting illnesses to receive specialist equipment that they would otherwise not be able to secure funding for.


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