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Testimonials given by Lowes clients. You can also click here to view our Google reviews.

“Your commitment and integrity is a shining light for others to follow.”

David Edwards: Manchester

“Thanks again for your great professionalism and for setting up such a good investment portfolio”


“I must thank you once again for the great financial advice I have received from you down the years, and the great work done by Lowes Financial to monitor and assess the performance of so many investment fund companies”


“I have been coming to Lowes for many years now, firstly with my husband now on my own (occasionally with one of my family) and feel at home whenever I come. My family feel that my finance matters are in good hands and so do I!”

Mrs M Robinson: Newcastle Upon Tyne

“We have a very high opinion of Lowes thanks to our excellent relationship with our consultant. He understands our investment requirements exactly and gives clear, excellent advice.”

Mr & Mrs Bird: Corbridge, Northumberland

“Lowes continues to impress with the professional but personalised and friendly service. I owe my early retirement to Lowes!”

Mr Melton: Withdean, Brighton & Hove

“I depend on my adviser to manage my financial affairs since the death of my husband. He is trustworthy and dependable and I regard him as a supportive friend.”

Mrs J English: Hexham, Northumberland

“All aspects of the transfer of my pension funds have been very well managed and exceeded my expectations of service. I have no reservation that this was the correct decision for me”

Mr Manning: Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

“I am very impressed by my consultant, they are always up to date with my circumstances and make a point of providing professional, unbiased and relevant advice.”

Mrs Rigby: Neston, Cheshire

“We have a good professional relationship with our consultant who has been extremely helpful over the years and has tailored his advice to meet our specific needs.”

Mr & Mrs K G Mavin: Cramlington, Northumberland

“I popped into an information morning at Gosforth Park hotel 30 years ago and I am pleased that I did as Lowes have guided me through all financial aspects at various stages in my life.”

Mrs Tait: Beamish, County Durham

“I have dealt with my consultant for years. I value the personal, friendly feeling of dealing with Lowes. As a small investor, I don’t feel intimated or patronised.”

Mrs Price: Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear

“Ken Lowes set up my initial pension plan 32 years ago. I was pleased last year to see his professional, friendly standards reflected and continues in my consultant.”

Mr Johnston: Ryton, Tyne and Wear

“Very friendly, approachable, personal service. No complaints. Excellent!”

Mr & Mrs Patterson: Hexham, Northumberland

“My wife and I have been very grateful for the advice on our financial matters. My Consultant goes to great lengths to understand our personal situation and what we are hoping for from our investments. We get a considered personalised response to our situation, which so far has always been appropriate and, given the state of the markets over the last few years, as productive as could be expected.”

Mr R Thornton: Sleaford, Lincs

“We transferred to Lowes many years ago after attending an excellent seminar, when we realised that the service we were receiving from the company we were with at the time bore no resemblance to that offered by your company. Since then we have been entirely satisfied and cannot praise our Consultant highly enough for the advice and expertise, both of which have resulted in putting us on a very sound financial footing.”

Mr R B King: York

“Your company inspires confidence. For most of the 20 years we have been looked after by our Consultant who has been outstanding in the care of our affairs, and always ready with sound advice. We think we have prospered under the guidance.”

Mr M J Wilson: Cardross, Dumbarton

“Lowes gave me the confidence I needed to invest without feeling pressurized to do so. Over the years the service has been excellent and the advice provided very reliable.”

Mrs S A Chaytors: Bishop Auckland, County Durham

“We have been clients for over 20 years. My Consultant’s experience and professionalism has helped us through the ups and downs of the financial markets, always with our best interests at heart. We know we can call at any time for advice and he has become a valued friend as well as our financial advisor. Having said this, we do realise the huge support that is provided by the staff at Lowes that we never see - from the technical department through to the receptionist. It is comforting to know that every investment that our Consultant recommends to us has been rigorously researched, as became apparent during the crash of 2007/8. We have both now retired and are enjoying a financially comfortable retirement, due in no small part to our Consultant and Lowes - thank you.”

Mr R Jevons: Wakefield

“I would just like to say how pleased I am at the way Lowes as a company, and in particular, my financial adviser, who has advised and guided me over the years. When I first encountered Lowes, my financial affairs were an absolute hotchpotch of this and that, which I had picked up along the way from a variety of different companies. I was aware I needed professional help to bring about some sort of order and control, and this is exactly what my Consultant did. I’m now in the fortunate position of being able to relax, know that my finances are in good, safe hands, and in the knowledge that the advice will always take into account my needs as an individual.”

Miss A J Mathieson: South Shields, Tyne and Wear

“We first approached Lowes having dropped our previous Financial Adviser. We were at once taken with the friendly and efficient service received, which has continued throughout the association. We have always dealt with and meet the same Adviser, and though our investments must be modest compared with some of your clients, we have never felt that we receive inferior service on this account.”

Mr D F Lloyd: Ponteland, Newcastle upon Tyne

“We were completely new to investment apart from cash ISAs and we came to you on the recommendation of one of my colleagues. Since then, I can honestly say that we have been very satisfied with the advice you have given us and with the results of the investments we have made over the last couple of years. We do appreciate the personal service that Lowes gives us and look forward to continuing the relationship.”

Mr B G Rees Throckley: Newcastle upon Tyne

“After trying Lowes I learned the advantages of using all the tax allowances relevant to me. This, coupled with your excellently recommended investments, has put my financial affairs into a completely new league. The service provided by Lowes is outstanding, it is what service should be, and I have now experienced this for more than 10 years.”

Mr J Monk: Newcastle upon Tyne

“I am writing to you to express my personal thanks to Lowes and most especially my adviser who has been my financial consultant for the last five and a half years. During this time, he has provided me with excellent advice tailored to my particular needs and life plans. He has acted with great integrity as well as with great patience and an even greater level of humour and friendship.”

Mr M. Trench: Marlow

“Lowes made everything understandable and gave us confidence that our financial future was in safe hands. Since then we have encountered other financial problems and on each occasion we have been provided with sound advice and a way forward.”

Dr J C Newton: North Shields, Tyne and Wear

“I have great confidence in the integrity and competence of the company. I have been very fortunate to have discovered Lowes Financial Management.”

Mr. R. Cowell: Lancashire

“It was recently I used Lowes to reorganise my pension. The service was excellent and my fund is now positioned for growth. I thought I should let you know how pleased I am with the service.”

Mr L Mordey: Medburn, Newcastle upon Tyne

“Just to say that I am very happy with the service you offer: my consultant always has a great investment prepared for me and explains how it works clearly and succinctly. So far, they have all come up smelling of roses. Don't stop!”

Ms F A Pearson: Jesmond, Newcastle

“I am happy to be able to say that my wife and I are delighted with the advice and service which we are currently getting from you. When we first got involved with Lowes over 20 years ago, I think the market was difficult and unfortunately the Lowes shares did not perform well, but that is history and all is well now.”

Mr F G Burnside: South Shields, Newcastle upon Tyne

“During this time I have always found my Consultant to be extremely knowledgeable in helping me organise my financial planning, the advice is always well reasoned and accurate and has also been carried out efficiently at reasonable cost. The investments Lowes has guided me into have proved to be in the main highly beneficial during what has been a difficult economic period.”

Mr H K Richardson: Washington, Tyne and Wear

“I am very pleased with my investments with Lowes and the way they are managed. I like the fact that when I have queries they are always dealt with quickly and in a friendly manner.”

Mrs L Harrison: Leeds

“Over the years (at least the last 30) I have come to rely on the down to earth and frank advice given and the friendly helpful assistance of your support staff.”

Mr B Slater: Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne

“We would like to personally thank our Consultant and Lowes for the advice and assistance to us over the years. Your friendly and professional approach has been much appreciated and we have been delighted by the performance of our investments. We would have no hesitation in recommending you and the company to anyone seeking advice.”

Mr D Dawson: Dinnington, Newcastle upon Tyne

“I am pleased to recommend the services of Lowes Financial Management. Lowes have been my Financial advisor for some 10 years and have found them to be very professional and knowledgeable in the services they provide me both for my ongoing investments and the many new ones which come to the market.”

Mr M J Hepple: Washington, Tyne and Wear

“When we were first invited to a Lowes Seminar some 30 years or so ago we never imagined or envisaged how much we could benefit from investment advice. In recent years you have been able to help with short, medium and long-term investments to suit our needs and more recently you have advised and set up investments following my retirement earlier this year.”

Mr P L Bayliss: Denton Burn, Newcastle upon Tyne

“In almost six years we have been with Lowes we have had nothing but the very best of financial advice. Our Consultant is friendly but professional and communicates with us in a way that allows us to make informed decisions concerning our investments. The advice is timely, well researched, and relevant to our particular needs and has consistently met all of our requirement.”

Mr K G Mavin: Cramlington, Northumberland

“We get a first class service and are truly confident that our finances are in good hands.”

Mr. J. E. Skeldon: York

“I have felt thoroughly reassured by your human qualities of great patience, flexibility and personal approachability.”

Mr. W. B. Lowther: Kent

“Once again, I must tell you how much I appreciate the work that Lowes does to keep my financial affairs on an even keel.”

Mrs N. Steer: Cumbria

“I would just like to say how happy I am with the service I have from my adviser and the gains and fantastic income I have received since I become a client of Lowes.”

Ms Bilson: Long Eaton, Nottingham

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