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Structured Products Review of the Decade

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The Review of the Decade, produced by Lowes Financial Management, compiles extensive research into the significant positive steps for the UK structured products industry has made throughout 2010-2019.

Macro analysis for the 2010-19 decade:
• 4,444 – structured products issued.
• 3,895 products matured.
• 2,467 maturities were capital at risk plans
• 60 (1.54%) of all maturities returned a loss
• 3 years, 9 months average investment duration
• 7.84% - average annualised return from capital at risk products
• 3.64% - average annualised return from deposit-based products
• 5.56% - average annualised return from income plans

Key findings include:
• Autocalls have grown to dominate the sector
• There has been a wholesale transition to simple, end of term capital protection barriers
• A move to longer maximum duration autocalls has repositioned market risk
• Higher risk plans are now extremely rare

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Review of the Decade

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