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Spotlight on a Consultant: Scott Beattie

24/04/2015 … Author:

Scott Beattie has been in financial services for some 20 years, eight and a half of which have been as a Consultant with Lowes. In that time he’s seen a lot of changes, he says, but none as dramatic and far reaching as the pensions reforms brought in by the 2014 Budget.

“They really have resonated with people and they want to know more,” Scott says. “The new rules give people a lot more flexibility but with that comes choices. People want to know what they can do, whether they can do it tax efficiently and what’s right for them. It’s an exciting time and with our in-house pension expertise at Lowes we are able to talk people through the options and point out the pitfalls.”

Scott says he was attracted to join Lowes because of it’s long history (now over 40 years), the fact that Lowes is an Independent Financial Adviser, and the company has a well established set up that includes it’s own in-house investment managers and pensions technicians. What also made an impression, he says, was Holmwood House. “There is something reassuring about bricks and mortar and knowing there’s a team working out of the building and it’s a place that clients can come to personally for their advice. You can see there’s something solid and stable there. I liked that and I think clients like it too.”

He adds; “Since I joined, the company has continued to grow and it has won several awards for its investment, pension and technical advice. I think that is reassuring for clients as well.”
If there is an area where he thinks he has most influence in changing people’s finances and their lives it is in the area of trusts. “Clients have worked hard for the money they’ve made and quite naturally they want to pass it on to their children and grandchildren. We can help them to tax plan efficiently and protect their wealth for the generations going forward.

“Use of trusts is a specialist area so it’s not a natural route for people to think about taking. Lowes has a lot of knowledge and experience in using trusts, which we have built up over the years and it is a piece of advice where we can see tangible benefit for not just one client but their whole family.”

What makes the job of Consultant enjoyable, he says, is dealing with a diverse range of people. “I met three new clients yesterday and every one was different with differing needs, so it keeps you on your toes,” he says.

Outside of work Scott’s passion is food. “I’m an aspiring Masterchef,” he admits. Recently, his love of cooking spilled over into charitable work after organising a gourmet night in aid of a local teenager who was recently diagnosed with cancer. “I love cooking,” Scott says. “I prepared a six course menu and people had to donate money to charity to attend. We raised £800 in total.”

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