We believe that regardless of your wealth, everyone should consider the merits of a valid Will, Lasting Power of Attorney and more. Only by having a valid Will and a Lasting Power of Attorney in place can you ensure your wishes are known both during and after your lifetime. In addition to this, discussing funeral arrangements with your family well in advance, and even going so far as to plan the whole event, can dramatically reduce the impact on our loved ones at an upsetting and difficult time.

Looking even further ahead, if you have ever had to apply for Probate, or administer an individual’s estate, you will appreciate that it can be very complex and time consuming, particularly where the individual’s affairs are not clearly documented.

We at Lowes can help decipher the most complex estates and assist solicitors in applying for Probate and we know how planning for your own probate can significantly reduce the burden on your family both in terms of time and money.

Although many of the above services are provided by Lowes, we can introduce you to trusted third parties and can guide you every step of the way.

Please do not hesitate to talk to us about the various later life planning services

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