Lowes does not operate under a “one size fits all” investment approach. A client’s risk parameters and objectives are adapted accordingly in an attempt to maximise returns while minimising volatility.

Our investment philosophy is to ensure that a client’s portfolio must continually adapt to meet their financial objectives. While always mindful of risk, we refuse to simply shoe-horn clients into a particular model portfolio based purely on their score within a risk questionnaire.

With an investment team utilising a wealth of expertise built over our year history, and constant contact with a variety of fund managers and investment providers, we are able to apply an acute eye for detail when analysing investments.

Our team of investment professionals never lose sight of the position of trust we are being placed in, and remain committed to analysing and continually monitoring all investments that are currently available, regardless of whether they form part of our clients’ portfolios. Such observations ensure that all investments we offer and advise upon are wholly considered to be the best possible investment options for every individual client.

A considerable amount of resource is taken to research investment models, and to ascertain whether they compare to our existing model portfolios, how they could be utilised to improve our investment offering and whether such investments are applicable to our clients.

One area we are recognised experts in is structured products. Over the years we have demonstrated an ability to identify and avoid problems in advance, as well as finding exceptional structured solutions.

While no investment is risk free and even the lowest risk investment carries the potential of total loss in the most extreme circumstances, risk will always be discussed with clients before any investment is made.

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