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FTSE Custom 100 Synthetic 3.5% Fixed Dividend Index (FTSE CSDI)

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The FTSE Custom 100 Synthetic 3.5% Fixed Dividend Index (FTSE CSDI) was developed specifically for structured products by FTSE Russell, the same organisation that calculates and publishes the FTSE 100 Index. The CSDI tracks the same 100 shares in the same proportions but unlike the FTSE 100, the CSDI includes the benefit of the dividends paid by the 100 companies (which have historically averaged around 3.5% per annum) and then deducts the equivalent to a fixed 3.5% per annum, on a daily basis. 

The result is that the index will perform almost identically to the FTSE 100 if dividends are at 3.5% pa, moderately underperform if they are less, and moderately outperform if they are more. The CSDI has been 99% correlated with the FTSE 100 Index, which can be followed as a proxy. By utilising the FTSE CSDI rather than the FTSE 100 the potential returns offered are noticeably enhanced. 

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