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Caroline Robinson 

Non-Executive Director

About Caroline Robinson

Caroline was first appointed to the Board in October 1996 and now serves as a Non-Executive Director.

Caroline began her career in financial services in 1985 when she joined a local building society. It was in February 1987 that Caroline joined Lowes as an Assistant to the Investment Manager. Caroline’s understanding of the company grew from strength to strength as she delved into various roles within administration, accounts and compliance departments, quickly rising to become an integral part of Lowes. After amassing a detailed knowledge of Lowes systems and procedures, Caroline was appointed as General Manager in August 1991.

“My driving force has been the smooth running of Lowes and the development of the employees and systems within Lowes ensuring its continued success.”

Caroline notes that the achievement she is proudest of is the initiation and completion of BS5750 – the British standard of excellence in quality assurance in April 1994. The measure was introduced to ensure British companies adhered to meeting client’s expectations related to products or services; safeguarding all elements of the management system that are seen to be critical when achieving quality of service.  Lowes was one of the first financial advisers to implement this level of quality assurance successfully. 

Similarly, Caroline acknowledges that while there are a number of milestones that Lowes has achieved since she joined the Board, it is the seamless succession from Ken Lowes to Ian Lowes that stands out, whilst being able to maintain an ability to put clients’ interest’s first and still truly reflect the philosophy ‘where personal finances are cared for personally’.

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