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The cornerstone of every good company is the service it offers to its clients, and when it comes to your financial future, there should be no compromising.

As Independent Financial Advisers, we look at the whole of the market before recommending the solutions that best reflect your financial circumstances and personal attitudes to risk. In contrast, the advice of any adviser who is not independent is restricted, meaning they will only be able to recommend to you a limited range of products. These limitations could mean that they are unable to provide financial opportunities most suited to your needs.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Since before the introduction of Capital Transfer Tax (subsequently renamed Inheritance Tax) in the 70’s, Lowes has been helping individuals and their families legitimately keep more of what they have earned, inherited and saved.

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Investment Solutions

Investments can play a pivotal role in safeguarding the financial future of you and your family. With so many investment options to choose from and so many potential pitfalls, deciding how best to invest your money can become a daunting task without the right advice.

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Investment Management

Our investment philosophy is to ensure that a client’s portfolio must continually adapt to meet their financial objectives. While always mindful of risk, we refuse to simply shoe-horn clients into a particular model portfolio based purely on their score within a risk questionnaire.

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Structured Products

Since 1971 Lowes has provided Independent Financial Advice to tens of thousands of people across the UK. This advice extends to a myriad of different services and investments and whilst we are renowned for our expertise, the field of structured products is just one area where we are at the forefront.

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Tax Planning & Mitigation

There are many different taxes that may affect every UK taxpayer and appropriate tax planning can have as much of an impact on wealth creation and preservation as investment returns. Lowes advice focuses on balancing the impact of Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax with a view to exposing to the lesser of the three evils, if any.

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Wealth Management

Lowes is an established institution that you can trust to provide an informed approach to your wealth, tailored to serve your own needs, circumstances and aspirations. As one of the leading Independent Financial Advisers in the UK, Lowes has been managing and preserving family wealth for generations.

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Lowes have been successfully managing people’s retirement planning throughout your working life and beyond. We know pensions are just a small part of a big picture, but one that plays an important role in your future wealth.

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Long Term Care Solutions

Most of us will not contemplate the issue of how to pay for long term care until a relative has to go into a residential home, yet there is no escaping the fact that, as we get older, many of us will need additional care.

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Ensuring wealth will be protected for future generations will be an important matter for every family. Setting up a trust can play a crucial role when it comes to ensuring assets reserved for other members of your family are controlled and protected for the families’ benefit to the exclusion of other individuals and entities.

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