Financial Planning Seminars

We have been hosting financial planning seminars since 1985, offering an independent view on financial issues that may impact the decisions necessary to achieve your goals, improve your income and protect your family and wealth.

Why should you attend?

“Best and clearest presentation from an Independent Financial Adviser I have ever seen.”

Professional advice can ensure that you make the financial decisions which work in your favour. If you have not yet appointed an Independent Financial Adviser, attending one of our seminars will give you a valuable insight into how our services can be of benefit. Even if you already have a financial adviser, we are confident that you will gain information that will be invaluable to you. From seminars held throughout the United Kingdom since 2005, over 99% of attendees who have completed an appraisal form rated their attendance as time well spent.

The seminar will last approximately one hour and will be presented by the Managing Director, Ian Lowes. To read more about the speaker, click here.

Following the seminar, light refreshments will be served afterwards when you will have the opportunity to talk to a Consultant to discuss any questions you may have about the presentation.

Our financial planning seminars are free to attend, however places are strictly limited, so please reserve your seat today.

Topics covered

  • Inheritance Tax

    Protecting your estate for little cost whilst still having access to your money.

  • Investments

    Assessing risk over reward to make you money.

  • Inflation

    Minimising the impact of your personal inflation.

  • Investments to Avoid

    Avoiding scandal and not losing money.

  • Tax Reduction

    Saving tax for you and your family.

  • Long Term Care

    The options for preserving assets and dignity.

  • Bank Deposits

    Minimise the effects of slashed interest rates.

  • Pensions

    Make a significant difference in your retirement wealth.

Upcoming Seminars

There are currently no seminars taking place, however we add new dates and venues to our seminar program on a regular basis. If you would like to a receive notification by email when new dates are added, please click here.

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