Why we're sticking with property for now

Paul Milburn, investment analyst, Lowes Financial Management comments on the temporary suspension of trading in some property funds...

Investors should stick with commercial property funds despite the turmoil

The decision of three prominent fund houses to suspend trading in their property funds highlights the dangers of investing in an illiquid asset through an open ended fund, but investors with a long-term view have no reason to panic, agree a slew of analysts.

Commercial property funds suspend withdrawals as investors flee

A number of commercial property funds have stopped investors taking out or putting in money after a deluge of withdrawal requests in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union (EU). It follows the decision by a number of funds to rebase the price of their units over the past two months...

Buyers: Our solutions for making open-ended property funds work better for investors

Wealth managers have suggested a range of options for making the structure of open-ended direct property funds work more effectively, especially in times of market stress, in the wake of a raft of suspensions from giants of the sector as they struggle to cope with Brexit-driven outflows.

Ding! Dong! Jackpot

Lowes Financial Management is Living North's financial expert. In this article, we discuss Premium Bonds as an investment option.

Answering the call of Belarus

Lowes Financial Management has made a donation to Yorkshire charity Chernobyl Aid UK to fund a delivery of humanitarian relief items to the poor, sick and disabled people of Belarus....

In the limelight: Avoiding the tax

Managing Director Ian Lowes discusses the importance of appropriate tax planning with NE Times.

Why has the transfer value of my pension dropped 35% in a year?

Keith Hanna, Lowes Retirement Planning Manager explains to This is Money how transfer values are calculated.

Opening the doors to Fernwood

Lowes Financial Management is Living North's financial expert. In this article, we explain the origins of the firm and why we have moved to a new home.

Lowes Financial Management relocates to former Greggs head office in Jesmond

Independent financial advisory firm Lowes Financial Management has expanded to Fernwood House in Jesmond, the former head office of Greggs. The move gives the business almost 10,000 square foot of additional space, providing more client meeting rooms and space for the company to grow further....

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